BCJ Controls produce a range of Secondary Protection Units to help Solar installations to connect to the grid

We are experts in testing and commissioning plant including protection testing for HV

Feel free to browse our electrical products and solar protection relays including Zero Export and ComAp

Welcome to BCJ Controls - Specialists in Secondary Protection for Solar PV.

At BCJ Controls we support large scale solar installers by helping them connect to the grid. We provide secondary protection solutions for commercial solar, utility scale solar and other renewable energy generation projects. We are experts in designing and manufacturing anti-islanding and Zero-Export equipment, including testing and commissioning of renewable energy projects.

Our experience in solar protection and grid connection projects for commercial solar means we can design customised solutions for challenging projects. We build the grid connection boards for often difficult installations involving multiple buildings, existing systems, multiple brands of inverters, PLC ramping control, ethernet and wifi.

Export Allowed 30kW
Protection Unit - Export Allowed