Solar Protection Relays

Solar Protection Relays are used in embedded generators over 30kW. There are two main categories of Solar Protection Relays, these being Grid Connect Relays and Zero Export Relays.

What is a Grid Protection Relay?

A grid protection relay, sometimes called a grid-tie or mains protection relay, is a device that ensures the power quality is acceptable  to be exported to the grid. These include under/over voltage, under/over current and frequency protection. Whats makes these suitable for embedded generators is the anti-islanding function in addition to power quality protection.

What is Anti-Islanding?

Anti-Islanding is a type of electrical protection for embedded generators such as grid connected solar, wind or diesel. It ensures the generator disconnects electrical supply to the grid in the event of a blackout. Anti-Islanding protection exists to protect personnel and equipment connected the grid in the occurrence of a fault or maintenance.

What is a Zero-Export Relay?

A zero export relay is similar to a grid protection relay as it has all of the power quality and anti-islanding protection functions. It has the added function of being able to monitor the current flowing and disconnect at a pre-set value.  This ensures the embedded generator never exceeds the maximum export value allowed by the DNSP.

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