Our protection relay testing schemes are suited to solar protection relays, Though we can test any relay. Transformers, feeders, capacitors, generators. We can cover all of the protection requirements. This runs from simple overcurrent and earth fault relays, through to high-level differential and distance protection schemes.

For the rest of your secondary wiring and equipment, we can cover current and voltage transformer tests such as polarity, ratio, saturation, burden, and primary injections.

ComAp MainsPro Solar Protetion Relay
ComAp MainsPro Protection Relay

We can commission low voltage and high voltage switchgear. Our team has extensive experience in protection relay testing and maintenance of isolators and circuit breakers (air, oil, vacuum and SF6), both modern and legacy units.

At BCJ Controls we can perform a comprehensive series of test for your protection system. We can handle both electronic and electromechanical relays.

Transformers – Differential, overcurrent and earth fault, earthing Tx protection, under/overvoltage, bucholz and oil surge relays, motor ramp start timing, oil and winding temperature sensors.

Feeders – Overcurrent and earth fault, directional overcurrent, line differential including end-for-end testing, distance.

Substations – Busbar and circuit breaker protection, summated overcurrent, capacitor protection, voltage regulation and under-frequency protection.

Generators – PV and diesel gen-set protection, export and non-export systems.

Finally, BCJ Controls is pleased to announce we can offer battery testing and commissioning (storage and UPS).