Schneider Easergy – Micom p341

Easergy MiCOM P341 Interconnection protection relays can be customized to meet the specific needs of the intended application. They offer complete, cost-effective and highly reliable protection for operating machines. It also includes Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) protection to optimize transmission line capacity. Gains of 50% or more can be achieved, depending on the environmental conditions, enabling more Distributed Generation (DG) such as wind farms to be connected to the grid by taking into account the real time weather conditions to calculate the line rating compared to using the fixed summer/winter line ratings. DLR is a cost effective alternative to reinforcing overhead lines to increase capacity and there are also benefits to the wind farm owner in that higher revenues can be made with a higher line rating.

  • Extensive multi-functions and user-friendly logic
  • Multi-function relay range ensures flexible, reliable integration of protection, control, monitoring and measurements for a wide variety of system applications
  • Users can create complex protection schemes by using Easergy MiCOM’s powerful, user-friendly logic
  • Quality choice of industry standard protocols are available, facilitating integration into both new and existing network control systems
  • Flexible communications and cost-effective solutions
  • Easergy MiCOM relay family’s extensive protection functions meet the requirements for most interconnection and DLR protection applications and provide them with cost-effective solutions and offers flexible communications options
  • Latest communication protocols & Ethernet Redundancy (available now in P341)
  • Fully Equipped with the latest communications protocols (IEC61850 Ed1 & Ed2 available in the same device, selection by setting)
  • Maximum availability and reliability of Ethernet communications thanks to the implementation of PRP/HSR standard redundancy protocols with an instantaneous recovery time in case of network failure
  • Dual IP address allows the device to be connected to 2 independent communication networks (e.g, SCADA system network & Maintenance network)
  • Universal IRIG-B input (automatically detects modulated or unmodulated signal)
  • Major enhancement to Cybersecurity
  • Operational & Cyber Security, compliant to IEC 62351, helps protect installations with security based on embedded features such as Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Port Hardening, Security Logs and Access Traceability. The IED by default includes RBAC with different users defined and a Security Administrator.