What is Secondary Protection?

Secondary protection is the protection after the solar inverter and before the grid. It is comparable to Primary Protection, which is within the inverter. Secondary protection is generally used where the installation is greater than 30kW and often includes Anti-Islanding protection, over/under voltage, over/under current and frequency protection.

Protection Units for over Embedded Generators

The distribution network service provider (DNSP) will normally specify extra protection for installations over 30kW. Our Secondary Protection Units reflect the requirements of the DSNPs when connecting to the grid.

Our control and protection boards can offer the following features:

  • Mains Disconnect / Anti-Islanding Protection Function
  • Suitable for up to any number of inverter inputs
  • Plug and play easy installation
  • Technical Support Available
  • Powder coated IP65 enclosure
  • Approved in all states
  • Made to Australian Standards

Here are some of the custom features available for our products.

Export Allowed

Some DNSPs may allow you to export as much power as you want to the grid. Here you have to have the minimum standard of relay to protect the power quality being exported.

Zero Export

Some DNSPs limit the amount of power that you can export onto the grid. As well as power quality protection, they require that the solar system has protection so that it doesn't export more power than allowed.

Output Ramping

We can accommodate the need for power output ramping which allows the installation to export as much as possible without tripping the export controlling relay.

Protection Unit 30kW Zero Export
Protection Unit - Export Limited
Export Allowed 30kW
Protection Unit - Export Allowed

 PLC Controller

For ramp control options we use a Programmable Logic Controller. This is the industry standard for reliability and robust operation.


Our boards can be fitted with an optional HMI display. Standard size is 5”, but we are happy to accommodate any custom requirements for your project.

Motorised Circuit Breaker

We make use of MCBs to consolidate isolators and contactors, as a space saving design feature. 


For additional communications such as remote monitoring and reporting, we can install an industrial-grade Ethernet hub.


For long distances, or for the simple convenience, we can incorporate 3G-capable modems with an industrial rating into our boards.

Panel Heaters

Moisture ingress into panels can cause problems for electrical components, particularly electronics such as protection relays. An internal heater is the best way to protect against moisture build up.