Commissioning Services

Solar Commissioning 30kW
Electrical Commissioning

We can cater for smaller commercial generation systems (PV or diesel in parallel). Our technicians also have extensive experience in substation commissioning, from low voltage distribution right through to high voltage transmission systems.




Fanox SIL-G Solar Zero Export Protection Relay
Fanox SIL-G

Protection Relay Testing

Our protection relay testing schemes are suited to solar protection relays, Though we can test any relay. Transformers, feeders, capacitors, generators. We can cover all of the protection requirements. This runs from simple overcurrent and earth fault relays, through to high-level differential and distance protection schemes.




Supply Authority (DNSP) Liaison

Supply Authority DNSP
Supply Authority

The Distribution Network Service Provider (DSNP) is quite often the gatekeeper, and major choke point, for getting your project completed. Application handling and negotiations can be a chore at best, a nightmare at worst. At BCJ we have people who are experienced in this regard, so we are happy to relieve you of this burden and deal with your supply authority ourselves.



BCJ Controls Engineering
BCJ Technical Services

Technical Services

Our team offers several services to enable Solar PV projects throughout Australia. We have experienced protection, control and instrumentation panel/switchboard technicians based in Sydney. We have the capability to take you from concept to commissioning.

  • Design and manufacture of control systems
  • Utilisation of our R&D workshop bring your project to realisation
  • Consulting Services
  • CAD drafting including SLDs for embedded generation applications


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