Connecting 30kW+ Solar to the Grid

BCJ Controls is a solar technology company set up by ex-Ausgrid and industrial professionals. Between them they have a large amount of experience in electrical grid protection, as well as dealing with utilities on a day-to-day basis.

The BCJ Solution

When you have a large solar system connecting to the grid, the utility requires special precautions to keep the grid safe. For that you need a 'Grid Protection System' - it is what stands between your solar system and the electricity grid. BCJ Controls helps solar installers navigate the grid connection process to get the system on-line.

We start by supplying a design for the Grid Protection System to use to apply to the utility (aka. DNSP) including information about the network protection relay or zero export device.

Throughout the approval process we work with the utility and answer any questions they may have about the grid connection.

Once it’s approved we build the grid protection unit which comes with everything the utility needs to get the installation over the line. Being sparkies ourselves, we make it easy for the installer by having inverter connections inside the unit, so all they have to do is run the cables straight to the unit from the inverters.

Lastly we work with the utility and installer to organise the witness testing of the job to get it ticked off and powered up.

Supporting Solar Installers

Zero Export Devices 1 GNT Engineering
Kristy (Solar Citizens) and Steve (BCJ) 'Fair Price for Solar' Campaign

Connection Application

We provide SLDs to help you through your grid connection application. To get one - send us an email at

Grid Protection Units

Once your connection application has been made, we produce the Grid Protection Unit to meet the utility's requirements.

Working With Utilities

Throughout the approval process we work with the utility and answer any questions they maybe have about the installation.

Witness Testing

As protection experts we can liaise with the DNSP, test the relay and organise the site commissioning. This includes Ausgrid Witness Testing.