Form NECF-02 or NECF-03 mus be filled out prior to filling out form NECF-04 for embedded and standby generation.

Form NECF-02—Residential and Small Commercial Connections


(iii) Connection Type

  1. New—New connection
  2. Upgrade—Upgrade to existing connection
  3. Alteration—Change to existing connection
  4. Separation—Existing connection must be rearranged into separately metered sections
  5. Amalgamation—New connection is combined with existing connection meter
  6. PUMS (Permanently Unmetered Supply)—Connection where energy consumption can be accurately assessed without a meter

(vii) Tariff

  1. Controlled Load 1—Electricity only available between the hours of 10pm and 7am
  2. Controlled Load 2—Electricity unavailable between 7am and 9am and between 5pm and 8pm on weekdays

(vii) Embedded generation metering

  1. Net—Consumption from grid and generation measured, but only excess energy generated is reported to the grid
  2. Gross—Consumption from grid and generation measured, with all energy generated reported to grid


Form NECF-03—Large, Multiple and Remote Connections

  1. Basic model—Ausgrid provides the following services: tasks involving receiving and assessing connection applications, making a connection offer, recording the connection in data bases once made, and checking that installations and connections to network are safe
  2. Standard model—Needed when network augmentation must be done before property can be connected


Form NECF-04—Embedded and Standby Generation

List of approved CEC inverters:


(i) Voltage Rise Calculations

When the form is filled out in Excel, the calculations for voltage rises are down automaticlly.  Otherwise, the formula for these calculations can be seen below.

Vr = (Current of Generator) * (Length of conductor) / (Am/%V rating of conductor) / 100