Applicants must specify the types of embedded generation and the number of phases used in the project.  They should also include contact details of the company applying.

In section one of the application, the applicant must state what company will be installing the proposed project along with the contact details of that company.  The applicant must state if a battery will be used in the system and include details of the battery.  They must provide details of any existing embedded generation systems.  The applicant will also state details of the inverter or generator used in this section.   The total capacities of each phase and the export limit must be included.  The project must comply with procedure SOP 33-06.

In section two, the installer must confirm that any inverters used in the project are approved by the Clean Energy Council.  The installer must give their accreditation number and sign the document.


The final section just gets the contact details of the generation system owner.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions about the application.