Site Information:

  • Max Output Rating (kW)—Total kW of all inverter Maximum Rating’s as defined in the AS4777. Existing Solar PV should be included in this rating.
  • Bulk Metered Site—Bulk metering is when energy is measured for a multi-unit complex such as an apartment building.
  • Metering Scheme—Gross metered is when all of the energy generated is reported and net metered is when only the excess energy generated is reported.
  • Metering Required—High Voltage metering or Low Voltage metering
  • Nil Export—Nil export is when no energy is exported to the grid.


The nominated responsible person for metering is in charge of providing, installing, and maintaining the meter installation.


Contestable works are works allowed to be designed and constructed privately.  These works include: subdivisions, lot reconfigurations, most community title developments, most retirement villages and caravan parks, and street lighting.  Any other works must be designed and constructed by Energex.


LCC stands for Large Customer Connection.  These projects include the following: customer load greater than 1MVA, customer energy consumption  greater than 4GWh per year, installation of significatn connection assets, and embedded generating systems greater than 30kVA.  The retailer name is the retailer you use to purchase consumed electricity.  Energex is the electricity distributor, but does not sell the electricity.


  • Design Certification Report—Energex requires that a Registered Professional Engineer of Australia provides a Design Certification Report
  • Certification of Conformity to AS4777.2—Inverter must have a certification of conformity to AS4777.2, there is a list of approved inverters on Solar Accreditation website
  • Single Line Diagram—Diagram to show simplified three-phase power system of proposed design
  • Protection Drawing showing relay types and settings—Schematic of system should be included that shows protection plans including what types of relays are used
  • Manufacturer’s Specification data sheet—Data sheet required for inverter used in design