MFR300 Information

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The MFR 300 is a measuring transducer for monitoring single-phase and three-phase power systems. With both voltage and current inputs in order to allow this relay to measure an electrical power source. A digital processor carefully measures true RMS values, despite harmonics, transients, or disturbing pulses. Both the primary measured and the calculated values may be transmitted using the CANopen interface to a managerial control system. The MFR 300 looks at mains decoupling with various monitoring functions that include two time-dependent, freely configurable, undervoltage tracking functions for FRT and STI. The real, reactive, and apparent power and the power factor values are calculated using the primary measured values of voltage and current.


MFR 300 Features:

• Three true RMS voltage inputs
• Three true RMS current inputs
• Class 0.5 accuracy for voltage, frequency, and current
• Class 1 accuracy for real and reactive power or energy
• Configurable trip/control set points
• Configurable delay timers for individual alarms (0.02 to 99.99 s)
• Four configurable relays (change-over)
• Ready-for-operation relay
• 2 kWh counters (max. 1012 kWh)
• 2 kVARh counters (max. 1012 kvarh)
• Programmable relay outputs to annunciate alarms
• CANopen communication
• Configurable via CAN bus
• 24 VDC power supply


MFR300 Protections:

• Over- and under-voltage
• Over- and under-frequency
• Voltage asymmetry
• Overload
• Rev/red power
• Unbalanced load
• Phase shift
• Rate of change of frequency
• Freely configurable time-dependent undervoltage monitoring for: FRT (fault ride-through) and STI (short-time interruption)