In the first section of the application, applicants fill out the basic project information. This information includes: site location, project dates, peak demand, and unit ratings.



The second section of the application has applicants fill in their objectives or goals for the project.





The third section of the application asks for contact details of both the applicant and the consultant, if applicable.




The fourth section of the application is about the embedded generation details.  The applicant must say what kinds of energy sources are being used and the generator types.


The fifth section of the application requires more information about the embedded generation.  Applicant must say whether the system is grid connected or standby, export or non export, the max output and export in MW, and the yearly stats of the exported energy.  The transformer configuration is also required.

The last section of the application requires the applicant to include various documentation needed for approval.  The documentation needed varies by the energy sources used in the project.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you have about your connection application.