Woodward MFR 11 – Ausgrid Connections

BCJ Controls is a Sydney based company focussed on helping commercial solar installers connect to the grid. We provide grid protection solutions for installations over 30kW. With ex-Ausgrid employees on our books, we can supply you with drawings to make the connection application, build the grid protection unit, then arrange the witness testing to help you with the grid connection process. If you’ve got a job coming up get in touch for an SLD to make the connection application. Find out more about us here.

About the Woodward MFR 11

The Woodward MFR 11 is listed as one of a number of Ausgrid’s approved solar PV protection relays on the NS194 for installations over 30kW. The MFR 1 Series are industrial grade protective relays that offer multiple protective features in a single package. The MFR 11 is a grid protection item packaged a single compact device. Applications can include generators that require secondary protection.