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Information on Zero Export Devices:

The Zero Export Device technology within the ZED family:

Inverter management of solar PV production
Maximum Solar PV production while minimising grid consumption
Zero export to the grid
Secondary protection as per AS 4777.3 2005 and IEC 60255-5 and IEC 60255-22

Inverter Control/Solar PV Production

  1. The ZED devices communicate with the inverter via three (3) protocols, the choice of protocol is dependent on specific inverter compatibility. These protocols are 4 or 6 bit binary and RS 485 protocols.
    The 4 bit binary provides 16 levels of solar PV production between 0 and 100%.
    The 6 bit binary provides 64 levels of solar PV production between 0 and 100%.
  2. RS 485 provides solar PV production in 1% increments.

2.1 Compatible Inverters

There is a range of inverters that are compatible with the ZED family of devices can manage Solar PV production and deliver Zero Export.
Inverters which can be controlled via 4 or 6 bit binary will require a management card supplied by the manufacturer of the inverter; these are often referred to as Power Control Modules, Power Management Units, Data Managers or controllers.
Inverters that have RS 485/Modbus connection are managed via inverter specific protocols.
Inverter performance and compatibility with the ZED family has been validated by GNT Engineering.

To date a number of inverters have been validated by GNT Engineering and are managing Zero Export solutions for 3 phase and single phase installations.

2.2 Inverter List

4 Bit Binary Р Fronius, SMA, Solar Edge, ABB ZeverSolar*
6 Bit Binary – Fronius
MODBUS RS485 – ABB, Schneider, Fronius,GoodWe, Delta*, Omnik*, Samil * ZeverSolar*
*Under Development